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Internally at Twitter, employee communication with the IT team was anything but instant. There used to be something called the Black Hole, says Alex Stillings, IT manager. It was 2013, and Twitter’s internal IT team was faced with an overwhelming flood of requests as the company grew from 900 to 3,600 employees in just 2 years. The small IT team handled about 25,000 tickets – approximately 2,000 tickets per agent – in 2013 alone. The company needed a way to continue to provide great service to employees while it grew like crazy.

Like other businesses, Twitter used email for internal service requests with no easy way to track, manage, or route requests to the appropriate agent. Often agents and employees had to communicate multiple times to clarify an issue before an agent could even begin to address the problem.


Twitter tapped Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk for an intuitive, scalable customer portal solution. Quick adoption was critical, and Twitter was delighted with the immediate results. Jira Service Desk had an 80% adoption rate by Twitter employees. They loved the simple, easy-to-use interface, and IT loved getting fewer emails. With requests coming through Jira Service Desk, tickets contained all the right information, went to the right queues, and were routed to the right people.

As Jira Service Desk took off for IT, other teams recognized the benefits of adopting it. As of 2014, more than 100 teams – including Human Resources, Procurement, and Facilities – use Jira Service Desk at Twitter.


Aside from the substantial reduction in email support requests, integrating Jira Service Desk with Confluence provided another huge benefit. Twitter’s internal IT team deflects a number of tickets by automatically surfacing knowledge base articles tagged with relevant keywords. When employees are able to solve their own problems through self-service, it’s a huge win-win.

“We’re excited about our knowledge base. If a user comes in and types a question, [Jira Service Desk] puts those articles in front of the user to try to reduce ticket volume and help them get help for themselves. It’s a big win for us,” says Stillings.

“Jira Service Desk can really increase your team’s efficiency and easily scale your ticketing to meet your business needs.”