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Performance, security, and compliance

Finding a way to stay ahead of the growing and varied demands of teams while still meeting evolving performance, security, and compliance requirements for managed software is challenging, yet critical to the continued success of many organizations.

Growth is just one of these challenges. There are a number of other challenges you may face such as:

  • Successfully supporting your distributed teams
  • Ensuring transparency across the entire organizations work
  • Meeting increased regulations/security requirements & gaining increased control over your IT systems
  • Finding new efficiencies and ways to increase your rate of innovation
  • Maintaining performance at scale

So how do you solve these challenges? We find that many of you often implement practices like DevOps, ITSM or Agile at scale in an effort to address some of these challenges.


Data Center Product Family

The Data Center product line consists of 5 of Atlassian’s core products – Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management, and Crowd. These are the same modern teamwork applications your teams know and love (for those of you on existing Server versions), but Data Center products provide added capabilities that support customers as they mature and move into the next level of their growth. Lets look at Data Center tech specs:

  • stars-3001_763de5f8-eede-4760-8629-dacce602e16f

    High availability

    Active-active clustering gives your teams uninterrupted access even during upgrades and search-reindexing.

  • verify-user-2882_b0075205-a1f2-46c2-b604-9f8cefd88c90

    SAML 2.0

    Simplify login experience and ensure compliance by using your existing identity provider for authentication.

  • clouds-4457_d5542600-b7b1-4580-98ab-746ad7a032fa

    Infrastructure choice

    Deploy on-premise or with IaaS vendors like AWS and Azure to best suit your company’s existing investments.

  • first-aid-kit-6362_541108c2-e26e-415c-bb0b-2002ae987b52

    Disaster recovery

    Partial or complete system outage? Avoid chaos and keep business running smoothly with a disaster recovery strategy.

  • royal-2995_51c8d05c-efe9-46d9-9a17-4b4e8fccfaad

    Verified ecosystem

    Data Center approved apps are purpose-built and verified for response times, scale, and supported databases.

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    Data Center is built to scale as you grow. Instantly add nodes to your cluster without downtime or hits to performance.


Designed with enterprise goals in mind

  • Agile & DevOps

    Innovate faster through better collaboration, and automation.

  • IT Service Management

    Transform IT to deliver faster and collaborate effortlessly.

  • Work management

    Create, collaborate, and organize all your work in one place.

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Project management with Candylio

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Connect, accelerate, and scale your entire enterprise

  • License Management
  • Migration from other tools
  • Integration with other software.
  • Streamlined automation.
  • Managed Services
  • Training
  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Support Services
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