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Each day you manage purchase orders, approvals, budgets, strategize with colleagues, communicate with vendors, edit contracts and update calendars. But time is your most valuable asset. How many hours a day do you spend sending email? Making phone calls? Searching for documents? How many times a day do you text colleagues asking if they are free to chat? How many times do you log in and out of your team’s document management, item catalog, suppliers research, billing and calendaring tools?

With more focus than ever before being placed on efficiency, modern team understand that time is money and efficient communication methods will benefit your team’s bottom line. Procurement team can benefit from a completely new category of technology designed to boost employee productivity. The rise of enterprise collaboration is redefining the modern procurement will think about communication in the future.

Even with a complete feature-set, Candylio solution is still an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for procurement management. Spend less time on training and on-boarding, and more time focused on growing your business.


Modern procurement tools

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    Modernises the way you socialise requirements, facilitate discussions and capture information, making it simple to create proposals, meeting notes, project plans and make team decisions in any projects.

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    Project Management

    Plan, organise, track purchase requests and negotiation cycles. Now procurement teams have control over even the most complex processes.

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    Procurement service desk

    Standardise the procurement service request process, analyse intake data and enable your business customers with self-service purchase request and procurement guidance.

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    Contract Management

    Manage contract creation, review, approval and execution and visualise risk with reporting dashboards.

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    Document Management

    Store, update, access and share matter documents and correspondence securely from anywhere with integrated, powerful document management capabilities.

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    Vendor management

    Collaborate and communicate on matters and projects easily with external suppliers and providers—ensuring certainty and transparency.


Complex made simple

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    Manage procurement projects

    Need expert review on a case? See who’s completed the task and read the feedback, all in one place. The document review cycle couldn’t be much easier to manage.

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    Monitor contracts details

    Keep track of stakeholder feedback, important dates, legal explanations – basically the who, what, and when of all your legal documents and issues. Only the people who need to be in the know will know with user permissions in place.

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    Measure legal team performance

    See the status of each contract or issue, what’s open and pending, and the reasonings behind the outcomes. Jira Core not only provides you an overview of your team’s workload it can be your record keeping tool.

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    Centralise content

    Easily create and centralize information like commonly used procurement forms, decision registers, and meeting notes. Manage permissions so only the right people have access to relevant information and leverage simple version control to stay informed of changes to documents.

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    Manage permissions

    Only the right people have access to relevant information

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    Real time reporting

    Including all activities associated with a specific customer, performance against SLAs, time applied to specific activities


Streamline your procurement operations in one platform.

In-house teams face constant pressure to deliver more in the face of growing demand. Candylio can help you optimise and simplify the way your procurement department works with our procurement operations platform for managing service requests, matters, documents, contract lifecycles, outside vendors and more.


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