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Aeria Games has one of those good problems: it’s growing. Fast. But as the company grows and more teams are formed, demand for a better way to manage projects is growing, too. Fed up with too many spreadsheets and emails, not to mention lack of process, one marketing manager recently raised his hand and said, “Stop! There’s a better way.”


The product marketing manager teamed up with Radoslaw “Radek” Orszewski, the global Jira admin and team leader for project and program managers. They pulled together all the stakeholders typically involved in their most complex, multi-team process – sending a newsletter. This included the head of localization and localization managers, the technical marketing manager, the project manager from Creative Services, the project manager for localization QA, and the marketing copywriter. The pitch to the team was simple: let’s get everyone using a single workflow in Jira to simplify the newsletter process and increase transparency. After several brainstorming sessions, the team came up with and built a custom Jira workflow.


As a result, they’ve simplified and improved the review and publishing process across multiple teams. Meanwhile, Orszewski’s team has begun to set up Jira for other non-technical groups, including HR and Community Development. The teams are encouraged to plan and create their own workflows and administer projects in a way that makes sense for them. “Jira is flexible and allows us to create workflows that reflect the way each team works. That’s very important to us,” says Orszewski.