CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, is one of the largest research organizations in the world. Each day, the agency pushes the boundaries of science to shape the future – from inventing Wi-Fi to discovering galaxies five billion light years away.

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Jira Service Desk, Jira Software


With 5,500 employees scattered across 54 different locations in Australia and the world, service quality and efficiency are critical to the agency. The less time scientists spend on administrative tasks, the more time they can spend focused on their mission: solving problems through science. CSIRO sought a solution to reduce email, track workloads, and handle the growing number of service requests across the agency.


CSIRO was already using Jira and Confluence to track development projects and collaborate on research articles, so adding Jira Service Desk to its portfolio was a natural extension of its investment in Jira.

When other CSIRO teams found out about Jira Service Desk, it spread like wildfire. In six months, CSIRO deployed Jira Service Desk across nine teams including Finance, Web Services, Library Services, and Project Management – with plans to add more.

Instead of having to spend time emailing requests back and forth to different people across the organization, scientists can now ensure contracts are reviewed by the right parties, track vendor payments in the Finance Service Desk, and submit requests for the latest solar energy research in the Library Services Service Desk.


Across CSIRO, the benefits of implementing Jira Service Desk were immediate. In the first month, the Library Services team processed twice its normal volume of requests with full visibility into its workloads. Multiple teams have seen up to a 30% reduction in email traffic. Thanks to the simple user interface and easy workload management features, the Finance team is well prepared for a projected tripling in ticket volume.

The stats are impressive, but they are a just a means to a more important end. Whether it’s predicting bushfires before they start or inventing new ways to extend the shelf life of vaccines in developing countries, Jira Service Desk gives CSIRO researchers more time to do what they do best – change lives.