Friday Media Group is the biggest independent media company in the UK. What started in 1974 as a local East Sussex advertising paper now boasts a portfolio of over 80 websites and 10 publications across the world. Friday Media Group helps connect buyers and sellers on a global scale through a range of video, web design, and print services. To support its massive efforts, the company’s offices span the globe from Berlin to Barcelona.

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Jira Service Desk


Prior to Jira Service Desk, employees used just about everything to manage requests. “It was very inefficient,” says Katie Balkham, commercial operations manager at Friday Media Group. “We used a range of spreadsheets, production tools, Google forms, Word documents – a variety of products.” The Friday Media Group’s key requirements were to find a solution that would be quick to implement, simple to use, and easy to roll out globally. With Jira Service Desk, they were able to do all three.


Now, all offices have standardized around Jira Service Desk, giving Friday Media Group a single global service desk. When requests come in over the phone from clients, representatives log them into Jira Service Desk’s customer portal, and the request is automatically assigned to the appropriate team. From the ticket, the agent can track the status of each request from creation to fulfillment. This allows agents to know how much work is outstanding per brand, as well as how long it will take to produce and deliver to customers. Meanwhile, managers can use built-in reports to track how quickly teams are handling requests.

“There’s hardly any training involved. We’ve basically sent out some very simple instructions, and over 100 reps have clearly picked it up,” says Balkham.


Since December, the Friday Media Group has processed over 10,000 tickets with Jira Service Desk, helping teams increase efficiency and transparency. Now, the Friday Media Group can work smarter, together.

“On a day-to-day basis, I have been very happy with the Service Desk installation, and I can see great opportunities to expand the use,” says Andrew Hancox, chief technology officer. “Jira Service Desk has helped us make substantial improvements to our working processes and cut down the number of systems we use to one.”