With over one million paid listings in 190 countries, HomeAway is the world’s leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry.

Austin, TX
Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, Portfolio for Jira


The Austin-based company needed a solution to track and manage software development, facilitate collaboration and communication among its 2,000+ employees, and ensure top-notch customer support.


HomeAway began by adopting Confluence in 2008 to broadcast content to its distributed teams and allow employees to collaborate on documents and projects. Next, with the help of Praecipio Consulting, the company switched from Rally to Jira. “Jira offers better performance, flexibility, and control, and has an easier user interface,” says Michael Kuhl, senior IT operations manager at HomeAway.

Currently, 93% of employees are active users of Jira, and 90% actively use Confluence:

  • Software Development teams use Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence to develop features that enable property owners to list properties and manage communication with renters from initial inquiry to billing and property reviews.
  • Customer Service teams have Jira and Confluence integrated to track and resolve issues quickly. Jira and Confluence provide a real-time stream of the call queue, customer satisfaction analytics, keeping supervisors in the loop.
  • Network Operations and Development teams use Jira and Confluence to collaborate effectively with Customer Service on network outages and other critical issues. Every step is logged in Jira, and Confluence drives real-time and retrospective discussion across the teams.
  • IT PMO recently adopted Portfolio for Jira as the single source of truth from start to execution for all planning and development, while Sales and Customer Training use Confluence, Jira, and Jira Service Desk to deliver customized training programs to property managers.
  • HR employs Jira and Confluence to manage and broadcast employment information, such as vacation and sick leave policies.
  • HomeAway’s Finance team use Jira and Tempo Timesheets to track software development capitalization costs for tax purposes, saving them tens of thousands of dollars.


Moving to Jira allowed HomeAway to save over $250,000 in annual licensing costs from the software it had previously used for issue tracking and project management. The company also moved to Jira Service Desk to manage its internal IT operations and Hipchat as its corporate communication tool. Atlassian software now touches 100% of the company, helping this fast-growing and globally dispersed enterprise do its work reliably and efficiently.