“Toong is a young startup and the problem we have is human resources and technology solutions.
With Candylio we have solved these problems. The lack of human resource is offset by software, which reduces human error, increases work value, reduces time spent, and simplifies the process. Getting help and training from Candylio has helped Toong’s staff understand about the software and apply it effectively. From a fledgling startup, Toong has now become a large Coworking Space in the region with a model of 15 locations in 3 countries – Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia – with contributions from Candylio in the development.” – Trần Văn Hải, phòng IT 

Coworking space
Nexudus, Confluence


Coworking spaces strive to create maximum convenience and flexibility for customers while diversifying customer groups for individuals and organizations. For Toong, the number of employees kept increasing, yet the work remained stagnant. The business continued to grow with the number of locations increasing not only in Vietnam, but also with two locations in Laos and Cambodia. Operators are in direct contact with customers, work regularly with the head office and suppliers, control facilities to ensure a high quality environment, and provide services to meet the needs of customers. Their workflow is repeated daily and often handled manually for tasks such as setting up meeting rooms, printing documents, sending and receiving letters, receiving customers and organizing events.

In parallel with the rapidly growing organization, the demand for recruiting and training new employees also increased. Toong faced the challenge of how to get their employees to quickly grasp the organization’s operating mechanism as well as how to organize the storage of information. Archiving materials requires frequent sharing and Toong locations provide updates such as on new pricing policies and promotions. The internal communication methods used by Toong such as email, phone, text messages, and internal chat were not effective due to information overload and several stakeholders (Toong, customers and suppliers).


Candylio and Toong vetted numerous solutions and Candylio lead the configuration and implementation of both Nexudus and Confluence.

Using Nexudus, a comprehensive coworking management tool, to manage the general work environment helps Toong keep everything on one platform: detailed customer information, service usage, payment term, etc. In addition, Nexudus automatically supports team operation tasks such as check-in/check-out, member booking records, raising debit notes and invoices, reminders of payment, and meeting schedules. Nexudus integrates printing management software and provides a communication portal for coworking space members.  It helps coworking space members be more proactive in booking meeting rooms, printing via wifi, connecting with other members as well as monitoring information and costs accrued in the month without having to spend the time to ask Toong’s team.

Confluence is a document-based collaboration and storage platform that helps departments connect together based on content and knowledge. It also helps departments to complete tasks faster. With Confluence, teams can take better notes in meetings and each member’s tasks are clear and transparent to the team which makes them easier to track. Additionally, Confluence supports team projects by recording product requirements, project status, problems, risks and more. Confluence has provided Toong a solution for departmental collaboration, communication, document sharing, and project and idea management.


Since the implementation of Nexudus, the operations team has reduced the daily workload. Toong’s coworking space members are able to book meeting rooms or print themselves via the website or their mobile device instead of contacting reception as before. Additionally, customers can easily send support requests to the operation team via the support portal. Managing customer information on a platform like Nexudus makes it easier for Toong to manage and monitor. Rich reporting on systems such as KBI, occupancy, and finances helps managers make better decisions.

Meanwhile Toong uses Confluence to systematize information and focus documents in just one place. Confluence is also used for training and internal information, so members can easily find new documentation and policy information. This helps Toong employees become more proactive in their daily work without waiting or needing to contact managers. Confluence quickly connects employees with a broad knowledge base and to other members. Through a system that includes specialized spaces and pages, employee work is organized, information is streamlined, and employees are able to save time. Additionally, collaboration on the same page in Confluence greatly enhances interaction and coordination between groups and departments. Members can show their opinions by creating comments to help make better decisions.