Atlassian Licenses

Get full control and peace of mind. We resell all Atlassian products and the 3,500+ apps on Marketplace.

Gain full control and peace of mind

Candylio is the most experienced reseller of Atlassian licenses in Vietnam! Let us manage all your Atlassian licenses, flexible payment terms, 30 days net in your currency. We simplify your purchasing process and add significant value to your license acquisition!

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customers' choice
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service uptime
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End user satisfaction
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Service desk
What you get

A lot more value

  • telephone-operator-4682_4cd38ad2-7f4a-4298-bae0-babc3fb40b99
    A personal license specialist who will support you
  • catalogue-3486_c2a26e09-cb1c-4c1c-99cd-420ecaf5173b
    Access to our deep technical expertise
  • dollar-badge-2239_e8090134-1974-4651-9f50-737302bf88ff
    Crystal clear quotes in the currency of your choice
  • chart-2336_605306eb-06ee-48bb-b2ef-de7449985d3c
    Local invoice and contract (instead of buying with credit card)
  • package-delivered-2312_17814d8b-9916-4be1-b4c7-2a636c4f081e
    Consolidated renewal date (one date each year for all your licenses)
  • health-6332_fc720e72-c337-4f55-ac5e-081bb75924ec
    Extended support in Vietnamese or English

Have you previously bought your licenses from Atlassian? No worries, we can still take over the administration and all future sales. You don’t need to sign any separate license agreement with us, you are still bound by the Atlassian Customer Agreement.

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Candylio are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
Nguyen Thai Binh