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The Foundation for Federal IT Success

To achieve IT modernization cost savings and efficiencies, agencies need a way to organize what needs to be done, develop and communicate a plan, and enable their teams to accomplish it…together. Atlassian’s integrated software framework provides a process of systematic innovation focused on four key areas: knowledge management, project management, software development and service desk support. Each Atlassian solution can be adapted to deliver components of each of the four areas to an agency project or workflow, bringing agencies the flexibility to collaborate, analyze and transform their operations and services.


Tools to help every government team unleash their full potential

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    Project Management

    The solutions agency and program teams rely on to collaboratively drive, communicate and track agency modernization projects.

    Jira Core

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    Help Desk

    Automate and speed help desk issue resolution across teams and departments.

    Jira Service Management
    Jira Core
    Jira Ops

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    Software Development

    From legacy updates to SecDevOps, the easiest way for your agency to create powerful, transformative applications, at scale.

    Jira Software

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    Knowledge Management

    Quickly capture, organize, store and disseminate information and knowledge across your agency.

    Jira Core
    Jira Ops


IT transformation services with Candylio

  • Project Management

    The Federal Government identified incremental development and iterative project management practices as key to providing capability and flexibility to meet today’s dynamic policy and mission requirements. Atlassian’s software tools and our innovative Team Playbook deliver a built-in framework of incremental development and traceability to transform your agency’s workflows.

    Fueling Agile Success Across Federal IT

  • Knowledge Management

    It’s a challenge to meet each new priority and program while handling your existing workload. In a perfect world, you could develop efficiencies by streamlining processes and encouraging team collaboration. That’s hard to accomplish when you’re still working with legacy systems, static toolsets, and information siloes. It isn’t impossible. We can help you start to change your reality—now

    Centralize Knowledge to Adapt to Change

  • Speed DevSecOps

    When DevSecOps methodologies are paired with the right tools and expertise, agency teams become more agile, more responsive, and can dramatically accelerate digital initiatives.Candylio delivers an end-to-end, integrated and extensible DevSecOps solution set that functions as your agency’s operating system for game-changing capabilities.

    DevSecOps Datasheet

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Project management with Candylio

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Our enterprise services

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