Pandora is a personalized Internet radio service with a mission – to play only the music that listeners love. The company boasts more than 250 million registered users and over 70 million listeners each month.

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Oakland, CA
Jira Software, Confluence


With that type of reach, Pandora’s software has to deliver consistent, reliable results.


Jira serves as the catalyst for communication within Pandora’s highly collaborative environment, connecting individuals from Marketing, Ad Sales, Creative Services, and Customer Service.

“We manage our entire workflow through Jira,” says Production Manager Lauren Nagel. That includes delivering music, serving up and reporting on targeted ad campaigns, and more:

  • HR uses Jira to onboard new employees and track all HR requests.
  • Marketing uses Jira to manage all its projects, including newsletters and collateral.
  • Legal uses Jira to track legal issues and review contract requests from across the organization.
  • Facilities uses Jira to track and manage new employee setup at work spaces.

Teams also use Confluence to communicate around strategy and policy. When the advertising team made a significant change to its sales model, it created a Confluence page to define its goals and success metrics. The template was so effective at getting team buy-in, it spread across Pandora.


Atlassian has become a mission-critical platform at Pandora, allowing work to be tracked and visible throughout the company. Liz Lazich, design project coordinator at Pandora, had no experience with Jira prior to joining the company.

“Jira is so easy to learn and use,” says Lazich, who starts each day with Jira, reviewing and disseminating service requests to various teams and individuals at Pandora. “A world without Jira would be absolute chaos.”

To learn more about how Pandora scales its product management teams, watch the Pandora Atlassian 2015 Summit presentation.