BlackRock is the largest asset management firm in the world, managing close to 5 trillion dollars in assets for individuals and institutions. Based in New York City, the firm has 12,000 employees, including a few thousand technical staff involved in developing the company’s Aladdin investment platform, a hosted service it sells to customers.

New York City
Jira Software


The company needed a solution that could handle its complex deployment processes and the numerous contributors working together on parallel projects. Aladdin releases are first deployed into the BlackRock environment and then into 65 distinct client environments, with subsequent waves of iteration. “We needed a holistic solution – from idea inception to production deployment,” says Gabe Tiu, director at BlackRock. The company turned to Atlassian.


BlackRock relies on Jira to manage Aladdin releases on a massive scale – 500 releases each week. As a process management solution, Jira gives the teams control and visibility, while offering flexibility to adapt to different team and business requirements.

Developers at BlackRock use the Jira SDK and plugins on the Atlassian Marketplace to customize workflows, UI, language, triggers, templates, and more to meet business requirements – and increase efficiency.


“We can’t dictate how the different developer teams will develop. Jira meets our need for flexibility,“ says JP Paramor, director at BlackRock. “And in terms of extensibility, Jira has that out of the box. We knew we had to extend Jira to interface with all our tools. And there’s the mammoth Marketplace in terms of plug-ins – that’s huge.”

To learn more about how BlackRock uses Jira and custom extensions to manage its large-scale releases, watch BlackRock’s Atlassian 2015 Summit presentation.