The family-owned company, Kärcher, is the world’s leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems. Kärcher makes a difference through top performance, innovation and quality.  Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG employs over 13,000 people in 70 countries in more than 120 subsidiaries. There are more than 50,000 service offices throughout the world to provide a consistent level of support.

Manufacturers of cleaning equipment.
 Jira Service Desk


With headquarters located in Winnenden, Germany, Kärcher has an entire street dedicated to their offices.  This means that there are a lot of buildings which, in turn, results in employees and departments constantly moving in and out of buildings.  A single, updated, and accessible database is necessary as security is high on the Kärcher campus.

The process to get access to different buildings was long and inefficient.  Employees needed to fill out a form with paper and pen, then submit the form to the corresponding office.  The office would then get approval from the employee’s manager and then approval from the manager of the building the employee wanted to access.  This caused a piece of paper to travel all around the Kärcher campus, to two, and sometimes three different locations before the approval was finally made.


Candylio’s team of consultants worked with key stakeholders to understand the current building authorization approval process and the new requirements.  The solution Candylio recommended included Jira Service Desk, Insight by Riada, and nFeed by Valiantys.  Jira Service Desk and these apps allowed the Candylio team to streamline, consolidate, and optimize the building access authorization process.

The core of the solution is Jira Service Desk.  Employees who need access to different buildings can now fill out a form in the service desk portal, by merely clicking a button.  Insight by Riada serves multiple purposes.  The first is the database for the buildings on the Kärcher campus.  Each building, floor, and department turned into an asset.  These assets are all related in similar ways.  Some buildings only have one department, while other buildings have multiple departments on one floor.  The second place where Insight came in to play is in the portal itself.  Employees filling out the building access application can choose a building from the Insight database.  Based on the building they choose, a few options for floors and departments appear.  The floor/department list is entirely dependent on the building selection.

The next tool that helped bring this project to fruition is nFeed.  Kärcher wanted employee information populated automatically so Candylio configured nFeed to access the Kärcher Active Directory.  Now, depending on the user that requests access to a building, the tool pulls user data, such as employee number, direct manager, phone number, and email address into the issue with ease.


With the newly implemented workflow, database, and service desk, Kärcher is saving time, paper, and effort in their building access approval process. They save time with the workflow functions which automatically assign the approval depending on the user requesting access and the department they want to access.  Kärcher saves paper by removing all manual building access request processes done on paper. Now, they no longer need to store files in a physical folder as it’s all kept on Jira Service Desk, where they can easily run reports and conduct analysis. Lastly, having one place to manage all the buildings, floors, and departments greatly reduced Kärcher’s efforts. They also need to send less messages, make less phone calls, and reply to less emails since all notifications are streamlined through Jira Service Desk. Employee information is automatically updated on the ticket which reduces the effort from the employee who needs access. All employees need to do now is choose their building and department then wait for approval!