A healthcare disruptor, Oscar Insurance offers a new approach to health insurance by making it simple, approachable, and cost effective.

Healthcare & Life Sciences
New York City
Jira Service Desk, Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket


Previously, Oscar was using Salesforce to keep track of all interactions between customers, employees, and doctors. The system proved time-consuming, cumbersome, and inflexible.


Oscar looked at Jira Service Desk, and knew its ease of use, power, and flexibility was a perfect fit. The company now relies on the Atlassian stack to uphold its mission and has woven Atlassian products into employee and customer experiences including customer service and internal support.

Since the initial rollout, many departments, including HR, Operations, Technology, and IT, have adopted Jira Service Desk. The company also uses Atlassian to support its DevOps culture of collaboration between IT and Operations. For example, they have a Hipchat bot that sets up new web branches and manages VPN accounts for employees.


Oscar pulled all this off while maintaining complete compliance with HIPAA, ACA, and other industry regulations. By building a culture of automation and DevOps, Oscar can focus on investing its time and money on delivering the best possible healthcare to customers.

To learn more about how Oscar has leveraged ChatOps to automate the company, watch its Atlassian Summit 2015 presentation.